Raju bhaiya is how I have lovingly addressed him for the past 30 years, has been instrumental in keeping the legacy of Saket Club intact. The gentleman who has single-handedly managed all affairs of the community club institution. However, there is more to him than just supervising the club’s activities. Mr. Raju Chauhan has extended all possible help and successfully set up camps, which have benefitted a lot of people in Saket and adjoining areas. These camps have been about vaccination centers, tax collection centers for senior citizens, diagnostic facilities among various others.

The man comes across as a simple and humble individual however, when he talks, it is with a lot of confidence and authority that make the conversations not only interesting but trustworthy too.

As a kid, I have practically learned the game of snooker from him. His ability to strategize and execute is something that would leave most people in absolute awe.

This small note is a token of gratitude for a man who never comes into the foreground, but without whom nothing of the above would have been possible.

Thank you Raju Bhaiya.